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South Coast Chinese Cultural Association 南海岸中華文化協會暨爾灣中文學校

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    Chinese School

    For more than 38 years, Irvine Chinese School, a non-profit organization has been proud to serve the community by offering Chinese Language courses that are targeted at students ranging from five to eighteen years old. Adult classes are also offered.

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    Irvine Chinese School community programs offer a variety of recreational, enrichment and educational programs, such as languages, arts and crafts, chorus, musical instruments, Kung-Fu, calligraphy, Chinese brush painting, Tai-Chi, Go and Chess games.

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    After School

    We offer elementary students a daily after school program from 2:30pm to 6:30pm, Monday through Friday during the school year. Students will have the opportunity to participate in the programs which include homework help, reading and more.

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    Summer Program

    Come and enjoy the academic and enrichment activities during this summer with fun-packed themed program. Each program is unique to keep your child’s mind engaged throughout the summer. ICS offers morning, afternoon, and full-day program options.

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Important Notice: 2014-2015 ICS Registration Instruction

Irvine Chinese School Registration Instruction.

Irvine Chinese School Registration Agreement. [Signed the first page and return with your payment]

爾灣中文學校 2014-2015 學年舊生註冊從4月1日上午8點開始,採用網路註冊。請家長務必先閱讀「2014-2015 註冊須知」(見附檔) , 到學校網站首頁, 直接點選「Enrollment」便可進行註冊程序。 先到先選且名額有限, 請家長在5月18日以前完成註冊及繳費。之後, 學校隨即開放接受校外新生註冊。

    另外, 為簡化舊生註冊程序,今年有兩項革新措施,請家長特別留意:
  1. 學校將在學期結束後, 立刻統計您本學年 (2013-2014) 之服務點數, 並依據您今年所累計的服務點數來核算您服務保証金的應退款金額。學校將在暑假期間將退款金額以支票直接寄到您府上,請家長到學校網站首頁點選「Parents Logon」, 進入您的學校帳號, 確認您在學校資料系統內的住家通訊地址正確無誤。
  2. 在舊生註冊期間, 請家長同時繳交下一學年 (2014-2015) 的學費及服務保証金。也就是說, 今年家長在暑假領回服務保証金之前, 須先繳交下學年的費用。此後每年的服務保証金在當年度暑假即已結算清楚, 如此可以避免因延遲退款所可能產生的不必要困擾。

Registration for 2014-2015 year will begin on April 1st at 8:00 am. You can submit your registration online at school website by clicking “Enrollment” on the homepage. Please make sure you first read “2014-2015 Registration Instruction” in the attached file. First come, first serve. We encourage you register your student(s) as early as possible. Online registration for current students will end on May 18, 2014. School will accept new students afterwards.

    Please note there are two important changes this year.
  1. School will calculate and pay off your Service Point deposit balance at the end of each school year according to your accumulative service point record. Parents should receive service deposit earned for the current school year (2013-2014) by mail during the summer of 2014. Please make sure to login your school account via school website (parents login) and verify your names and home address are correct.
  2. In order to simplify the registration procedures, school will collect 2014-2015 tuition and service deposit at the same time during the registration process. In the future, the service deposit earned for the school year will be refunded in the summer but no carryover. It means parents will need to make payment for 2014-2015 service deposit BEFORE getting 2013-2014 deposit refunds back in the summer.