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2016-2017 School Year


開學第一週星所有班級均為3小時語文課, 選修課從第二週開始
First week of school that Sunday classes are without electives, Sunday all classes are three hours language lessons.
New Family Orientation Sat (8/27) or Sun (8/28) 12:00pm at Library.

部分教室變動, 家長請利用以下方法查詢最新的學生教室資料。
Some classes have assigned to different rooms. Please use the link below to check which room your child's class is assigned before coming to school. Thank you!
PTO Welcome Back Coffee Time 誠摯邀請您來參加家長會的歡迎會!! 
Come and meet your PTO board members and other parents. And find out more information about this year's activities and events!

Location: School's Lobby
Time:Wednesday, 8/24, 2:45- 3:45 pm

Saturday, 8/27, 9:30 - 10:30 am & 1:45 - 2:45 pm

Sunday, 8/28, 9:30 - 10:30 am & 1:15 - 2:15 pm 

校內硬筆書法及英翻中比賽報名開始, 請同學踴躍報名参加
Penmanship and English-Chinese Translation contests are back! Please click the links below for more details.

applications due date
Competition date
Penmanship contest
English-Chinese Translation contest
海華體育季游泳比賽 CAAA Swimming Competition

CAAA Swimming Competition is on 9/24! If you are interested in attending this competition, please ask Monica Wang in the office for more information. Application is due on 9/12.
狂賀!! 恭喜本校學生參加 ''2016年全美國中華文化常識比賽'' 獲得優異成績! 

經過蘇依雯老師及葉利玲老師辛苦的指導及長達暑假二個月的密集訓, 學生們榮獲如此成績真可喜可賀!恭喜恭喜!以下是参賽的學生名單及得獎獎項。
ICS students won" National Chinese Cultural Contest"awards! Congratulations to the students who had worked so hard for over two months during this summer. Thanks to Teacher Jennifer Chiang and Grace Yeh for your dedication and support!"The list of the winners and awards is below.

成語比賽第一名:蔣平磊, 唐浩然
中華文化常識比賽第三名:陳曉陽, 高春暉, 蔣怡平,  溫迪斌
舞龍隊正在招生中 Dragon Dance is recruiting

Dragon Dance is recruiting our High School students! If you would like to perform in the Chinese New Year Festival and earn service hours too, you don't want to miss out this opportunity. 


2016 Irvine Moon Festival will be held on Saturday, Sep 10 from 3 ~ 8 pm at school parking lot. There are kid games, food, Cultural art works, family signature dish contest and little cultural ambassador. Welcome to join us.   

Family Signature Dish Contest

This is a great way to work together with your kids or grandkids .... Please prepare a dish with 3 copies of recipe and bring to the contest for 3 minutes of introduction. The winners can earn $100 gift card.
Little Cultural Ambassadors

Please wear any Chinese Traditional Costume and prepare 1 minute introduction. 
Fall classes registration has start

SCCCC Fall classes registration has start. There are many new classes such as preschool Chinese Immersion, DIY soap, Color brush painting and preschool ballet etc. 
農夫市場 Farmers market 

好消息! 南海岸中華文化中心將從今年開始在每月第二個週日於學校Amphitheater 舉辦農夫市場,第一次將於911日早上8點至12點,新鮮蔬果販售,歡迎大家踴躍參加。
Good News! SCCCC provide the farmers market this year. It will be held on 2nd Sunday for each month. The time is from 8 ~ 12 pm. The 1st time will be on September 11. There are fresh vegetables and fruits from the local farms available to buy. 
義工招募  Volunteers needed! 

需要服務點數的家長請注意,目前網站已開始義工招募! 910日爾灣中秋及924日爾灣地球村需要大量義工,請盡快上網預約。
Irvine Moon Festival on Sep 10th and Irvine Global Village Festival on Sep 24th are recruiting volunteers. Please reserve your spot. 
捐血一袋、救人一命! Blood drive

南海岸中華文化中心將與Hoag Hospital 918日週日9點至2點在學校停車場舉辦捐血活動。沒有年齡限制,17歲以上即可加入捐血行列。只要身體健康,沒有服用任何藥物、近期沒至疫區旅遊,均歡迎前來捐血。相關訊息也公布於學校佈告欄。所收集血液將用於橙縣區域的醫院,請至網上預約 
(網址為 www.hoagblooddonor.org, 選 Appointments, 再輸入code: SCCA)。

SCCCC and Hoag Hospital will hold the blood drive on Sunday, Sep 18. The time is from 9 am ~ 2 pm. Welcome to reserve the spot from www.hoagblooddonor.org, click on Appointments, enter group code: SCCA
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