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2016-2017 School Year



2016-17校內運動會將在週末, 12月10日及12月11月, 舉行, 歡迎所有的家長們當天到校內體育館觀賞學生們的趣味競賽活動及班際跳繩比賽, 活動當天, 學校將會規劃家長觀賞區並提供座給家長們, 希望所有的家長都能夠和我們一起共襄盛舉, 讓今年的校內運動會成為學生們快樂的回憶。

2016-17 Sports Fun Day will be in GYM on 12/10 and 12/11. On the event, the students will play fun games and have a jump rope contest! Students, it is time to get a jump rope and start to practice it now. Parents, don't forget to bring your camera to the event. It is going to be a great picture day for your child(ren)! The school will provide bleachers for the parents. Please join us!
Volunteer Needed


招募義工!201724日將與Pacific Symphony 合辦元宵節慶祝活動,地點為Segerstrom Concert Hall,目前招募家長義工,請速至學校網站登記。

1. 請家長們盡量提早到校, 這樣不僅可以避免交通尖峰時段,並且可以讓您的學生有足夠的時間進教室。
2. 為不耽誤後方車輛停靠, 在您靠車輛之前,請讓您的學生盡快做好下車的準備。
3. 停靠車輛時,請注意交通人員的指示牌並盡量往前停靠
4. 若您正好在交通尖峰時段到校,請耐心等待並且遵守交通人員的指揮謝謝!

Dear ICS parents,
"To avoid traffic jam during certain peak times. We have several recommendations to alleviate the dropping off process.
1. Please come to school early and have your student(s) be ready to get off when you pull over. Not only will you avoid traffic, your student(s) can take the time to get ready for class!
2. Please pull forward as much as possible to create better traffic flow. It will create a much faster drop off process.
3. Please follow instructions from traffic patrols. 
4. Please be patient during the dropping off process. Safety for yourself and others comes first above all else.
Farmers Market

好消息! 學校Amphitheater 舉辦農夫市場,12月11日早上8點至12點,學校Amphitheater 舉辦農夫市場,新鮮蔬果販售,歡迎大家踴躍參加。

Good News! SCCCC provide the farmers market this year.  will be held on next  Dec. 11th. 8am~12pm.
2017 冬季社區課程開始報名
Winter Community Program start registration

2017年冬季社區課程已開始報名,請速報名! 課程將於一月份開始,有成人英文會話班、成人中文會話班、拓染字畫、成人及孩童羽毛球、乒乓球、手工肥皂多種課程。

2017 Winter Community Program registration is beginning, please register it before it's full. The classes start from January including adult English Chatting club, adult Chinese Chatting club, color brush painting, adult and children badminton, ping pong, homemade soap etc.
Irvine Chinese School | 949-559-6868 | www.sccca.org