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2016-2017 School Year


我們與Pacific Symphony 合辦元宵燈節,地點為Segerstrom Concert Hall - 615 Town Center Drive, Costa Mesa, CA92626,活動時間為週六(24日)早上11點至下午 4點,活動內容包括舞龍、舞獅及精彩文藝表演、製作燈籠、爾灣中文學校班級精美燈籠展特展等,免費入場。

South Coast Chinese Cultural Center collaborate with Pacific Symphony for Lantern Festival Celebration on February 4th from 11am till 4pm. The location is  Segerstrom Concert Hall - 615 Town Center Drive, Costa Mesa, CA92626. There are the lanterns display created by ICS students, food, lion and dragon dances etc. Free Family event. 
2017 雞年報喜新年慶祝會圓滿落幕
ICS Chinese New Year Festival
2017年爾灣中文學校新年慶祝會在上週末圓滿落幕,非常高興看到學生及家長們在活動當天開心的看節目、逛攤位及玩遊戲, 並且大家最愛的道地傳統美食也被一少掃而空。感謝老師,義工家長以及高中生義工們的支持才能讓這次活動如此成功,感謝再感謝!將來,學校將會舉辦更多有趣又有意義的活動。祝大家新年快樂!

2017 ICS Chinese New Year Festival was a great success! It was very glad to see students and parents had a great time on the event and many friends and families from our communities joined us as well. Thanks to the teachers and volunteers to make this event successful! Happy Chinese New Year and Gong Xi Fa Cai!!
Poem Recital/Speech Contest Registration Opens
2017 校內演講、詩詞朗誦比賽報名開始,請參考比賽辦法上網填寫報名表, 報名日期自即日起至2017228日截止。

Poem Recital/Speech Contest is open for applications. Please refer to the announcement for your application. The application due is on 2/28.
Strings for Generations registration Opens
爾灣中文學校與太平洋交響樂團舉辦、James Irvine Foundation 贊助的圓夢親子弦樂團,主要目的是提供一個讓親子一同欣賞音樂、享受音樂的環境,孩童們及家長們可再無競爭壓力的環境中一起學習音樂。圓夢親子弦樂團由資深指揮Irene Kroesen全程指導,打擊樂器指導老師是有豐富教學經驗的Carol Ajibabi。凡是英文學校 4- 9年級學過一年弦樂器的孩童均可報名,隨同參加的父母或祖父母不需懂樂器。請於網上報名,或向949-559-6868 分機502或電郵至rachel@sccca.us 報名。
 Strings for Generations is starting the recruitment now. Welcome Grade 4- 9 who has learned the strings for 1 year sign up with their parents or grandparents. There are 1 performances this session. Early bird ends at Feb 7th.  The class starts from Feb 27. Please register from online or e-mail to rachel@sccca.us.
The present series includes new lectures, demonstrations, and more emphasis on hands-on learning on how the traditional Chinese healing arts and Mind-body practices (Tai Chi and Qigong) can be used effectively to enhance health and wellness in today's world.  While the previous Series covered a broad range of topics, this series is focused on stress(壓力) and inflammation (炎), the two biggest threats to our health.
Reserve tickets via EventBrite is recommended.  Limited tickets are available at door on a First Come First Serve basis.  Processing fee $2 per tickets. 

Date: 2/13, 3/13, 4/10, 5/8, 6/12
Time: 7:30pm~9:30pm
Location: South Coast Chinese Cultural Center (9 Truman, Irvine 92620)
The presentations are in English, with important concepts and terms also given in Mandarin and Cantonese.
Community Program
手工皂製作 Handmade Soap
for yourself, or a special, thoughtful gift for friends and family. There are so many different methods of soap making and different soap recipes you can make.
親手製作健康、天然、實用的手工肥皂,送禮自用兩相宜。每位學員 在課程結束時,將可製作40塊肥皂。上完4堂基礎課程,學員將可學到有關手工皂的重要資訊

Date: Thursday / Saturday
Time: 10:30am~12:30pm / 4:30pm~6:30pm
排舞 Line Dance
Relieve your stress by learning how to line dance! Students will learn line dancing, a form of country-western dance that is a combination of waltz, polka, and swing dancing.
隨著節奏將感情 抒發於舞姿上,因而能調整身體機能、消除緊張情緒和緩解壓力,不但可 達到健身、保持身材的效果,因此有健康美好的生活。

Date: Monday / Wednesday
幼稚園中文沉浸班 Mandarin Immersion Kindergarten Class
This class is especially designed for young children in kindergarten and is taught in Mandarin. Various teaching strategies are used to meet young children's learning characteristics and individual needs.

Date: Monday ~ Friday