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2016-2017 School Year


ICS Chinese New Year Celebration 


Chinese New Year Celebration had a Wonderful ending. We have a lot of good memories.  Clicks to view photos and video.

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OC Lantern Festival

The Lantern Festival has been successfully completed on Saturday and clicks to review all the great event photos. 

2017 校內演講、詩詞朗誦比賽報名開始
Poem Recital/Speech Contest is open for applications

請參考比賽辦法上網填寫報名表, 報名日期自即日起至2017228日截止。
Please refer to the announcement for your application. The application due is on 2/28.

詩詞朗誦比賽題目: 簡體拼音, 繁體拼音 ,繁體注音
高中生 國際義工 招募說明會
 High School Student Volunteer -- International Opportunity

高中生國際義工招募說明會將於本週日212日週日930分至11點於學校圖書館舉行說明會,歡迎家長們及高中生們參加! 趕快做好暑期計劃!

This Sunday, Feb 12 at 9:30 morning will have an introduction meeting for volunteering opportunity in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America this Summer. It's time to make your summer plan.  
Sent the survey and get the lantern!

協助改善和提升學校整體教育品質請您使用短短幾分鐘的時間填寫學校送出的問卷, 問卷資料僅供校內使用,若您未收到問卷,至您電子郵件信箱的垃圾郵件查看或至辦公室查詢或電郵ics@sccca.us。凡回答問卷的家庭,學校將隨機選出送出雞年燈籠。

School has sent out the annual survey. To ensure the quality of education and enhance the services, please spend a few minutes to complete it. The information you provide will be confidential and for school internal use only.  School will randomly select the families who submitted the survey to give out the Rooster lanterns. 

Winners this week 本週得獎名單 :
Please pick up at school library information desk.
Name 姓名PID Number 家庭代號
Jonathan Kappos
Marcus HuiHUI1346-1
Li min OngONG1566-1

PTO Lantern Festival 

為了慶祝元宵節的到來,PTO將在本週六及週日的中午, 2/11 and 2/12 from 11:30- 1:15 pm, 在學校大廳外舉辦免費的湯圓品嚐,希望家長及學生們踴躍參加。

In celebration of this year's Lantern Festival, PTO will be serving rice ball soup (Tang-Yuan) on Saturday, 2/11th and Sunday, 2/12th from 11:30am to 1:15pm by the front courtyard. This is a free event.  Please stop by and join us!  
If you are able to help us, we are looking for volunteers


Great news! Our popular Science & Practice of Chinese Cultural Arts for Healthy Living (養生). Series 2 is on. Don't miss your opportunity to join Dr. Shin Lin and many others to start a healthy and productive year in 2017! 
Strings for Generations

最後一週!趕快報名!爾灣中文學校與太平洋交響樂團舉辦、James Irvine Foundation 贊助的圓夢親子弦樂團,主要目的是提供一個讓親子一同欣賞音樂、享受音樂的環境,孩童們及家長們可再無競爭壓力的環境中一起學習音樂。圓夢親子弦樂團由資深指揮Irene Kroesen全程指導,打擊樂器指導老師是有豐富教學經驗的Carol Ajibabi。凡是英文學校 4- 9年級學過一年弦樂器的孩童均可報名,隨同參加的父母或祖父母不需懂樂器。請於網上報名,或向949-559-6868 分機502或電郵至rachel@sccca.us 報名。

 Strings for Generations is starting the recruitment now. Welcome Grade 4- 9 who has learned the strings for 1 year sign up with their parents or grandparents. There are 1 performances this session. Early bird ends at Feb 7th.  The class starts from Feb 27. Please register from online or e-mail to rachel@sccca.us.

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