High School Students Volunteer Signup

Please preview each event’s description for more details about commitments, requirements and other pertinent information about the volunteer opportunity!

Please go over guidelines in the link below! Upon signing-up, you hereby consent to follow these guidelines set by Irvine Chinese School.

For your own record keeping, you may download the Volunteer Hours Record Form below to keep track of accumulated volunteer hours. Due to the high amount of volunteers, Irvine Chinese School will not be keeping track of volunteer hours for each student.

For non-Irvine Chinese School students only: Please download the Liability Waiver Form. Upon arriving to volunteer, please have the Liability Waiver Form printed, signed, and returned to the office.

  1. 1. Parents are responsible for the student’s transportation to and from the volunteer site.
  2. 2. All volunteers are required to arrived on time.
  3. 3. In order to keep a professional environment, refrain from using vulgar langauge and making inappopriate jokes.
  4. 4. Be respectful to teachers and others around you.
  5. 5. Violators of Rule #3 and Rule #4 will be asked to leave immediately and gain no hours from the volunteer opportunity.
  6. 6. Dress conservatively for the volunteer opportunity.
  7. 7. Please notify the office for any cancellations three days before your volunteer schedule.

High School Volunteers for Chinese New Year Festival

The school is going to host Chinese New Year Festival at GYM on 1/28 and 1/29. On the event days, there are performances, fun games, and craft making activities...etc. Please sign up online and help us to make this event successful. On your signed up date(s), please report to Brian at the school gym!