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Irvine Chinese School PTO

On behalf of the Irvine Chinese School Parent Teacher Organization, we would like to welcome both new and returning families for the 2017-2018 school year!

Our mission as your PTO Board is to enhance the cultural experience and to build a community for Chinese-learning families from all different backgrounds. In conjunction with ICS events, PTO will provide additional cultural activities to enrich our students’ learning environment. Together with the excellent academic programs by our dedicated teaching staff, these activities can provide a holistic approach to learning not just the Chinese language but its rich and extensive culture.

As our name indicated, parent participation is essential to the success of our PTO. We truly appreciate the talents and enthusiasm from any parent volunteer. We invite you to participate in our activities in any way you are able to help. As the saying goes: It takes a village to raise a child!

As this is an organization made up of parent volunteers to serve the parents and students, our PTO welcomes your opinion. Please feel free to ask any questions and/or contribute your ideas. Our email is pto@sccca.org.

Again, welcome and we look forward to meeting each of you.


PTO’s Events and Activities

This year, we have planned many activities for cultural enrichment in support of the school events. While we’re very excited to get started, we unfortunately will be short for funding due to the cancellation in mandatory student activities fee, $15/student. With this new change, we will need your help in fundraising to make up the shortage in funds.

See’s Candy Fundraiser:

These make great Christmas or end-of-year presents for anyone. All orders are due by the weekend of October 22, 2017. Distribution will start as soon as shipments arrive until weekend of December 16-17, 2017. In your order, please include parent’s name, item number, and quantity. Later, we will send you an email for your total amount due and payment instructions. Thank you!

Please place your orders with the following RPL Representive before 10/22/17.

Saturday A.M.

Contact: Chiayi Lee Cheung
Email: pto_rpl_sat_am@sccca.org

Saturday P.M.

Contact: Lian Jian
Email: pto_rpl_sat_pm@sccca.org

Sunday A.M.

Contact Leslie Huang
Email: pto_rpl_sun_am@sccca.org

Sunday P.M.

Contact: Lily Li
Email: pto_rpl_sun_pm@sccca.org

Order form and Flyer

Please mark your PID and class name on the form.

See’s Candy Order Request via Google Form

All orders are due the weekend of October 22, 2017. If an order is placed via Google Form, please have your checks payable to “SCCCA” with “PTO-See’s Candy” and PID in the memo by that weekend. A PTO representative will accept purchases and payment collection at the lobby during your session. Please be advised that only orders accompanied by payments will be placed.

Thank you for supporting PTO!

Fill Out Form

Order Request

Italian Ice

Scooter’s Italian Ice will be available for sale in the parking lot on Sports Fun Day! There will be more details to come!

2017-2018 PTO Board Member

Name: 劉令淳 Melinda Liu
Email: pto_president@sccca.org

VP and Secretary:
Name: 康蕓蕓 Iris Kang
Email: pto_secretary@sccca.org

Name: Sunny Lee
Email: pto_treasurer@sccca.org

Sat AM RPL coordinator:
Name: 李佳宜 Chiayi Lee Cheung
Email: pto_rpl_sat_am@sccca.org

Sat PM RPL coordinator:
Name: 简炼 Lian Jian
Email: pto_rpl_sat_pm@sccca.org

Sun AM RPL coordinator:
Name: Leslie Huang
Email: pto_rpl_sun_am@sccca.org

Sun PM RPL coordinator:
Name: Lily Li
Email: pto_rpl_sun_pm@sccca.org


My name is Melinda Liu, and I am your current Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) President. After 10 years at Irvine Chinese School (ICS), my 16-year-old son graduated last year. At present, I have two children attending ICS, one in High School 1A and another in Traditional 8A. We started at ICS about 11 years ago when my son enrolled in the first grade traditional program, and I’ve been volunteering since then. My first role as a volunteer at ICS was class treasurer for my son’s first grade class. If my memory serves me right, we were the first class to start the system of “RPL plus Coordinators”. I served in this capacity for three years. After that, I have served many other volunteer functions, including RPL for my all children’s classes. I’ve also assisted in various PTO activities.

I have always been a volunteer mom at all my children’s schools and activities. My experiences include Girl Scout leader, troop treasurer, room mom, team representative, etc. I’ve gained much knowledge and many skills through these demanding volunteer experiences.

Professionally, I am a licensed attorney in the State of California, and a licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of California (01848683). I graduated from University of California, Berkeley, California and Southwestern University School Law, Los Angeles, California.

As a mom with three very active children, I am constantly juggling multiple schedules. I am very excited to serve as the new president for our PTO in the 2017-2018 school year, and I look forward to working with the new board and serving the students and parents of ICS.

Very Truly Yours,

Melinda Liu